Abilasha S


Ph.D Scholar
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
IIT Palakkad

Research interests
Time Series Data Analysis, Anomaly detection, Extreme event prediction
Machine Learning and Data Analysis, Astroinformatics, NLP

Recent Publications

  • Warping Resilient Scalable Anomaly Detection in Time Series, S Abilasha, S Bhadra, P Deepak, A Mathew, Neurocomputing, 2022, Elsevier [link]
  • Deep Extreme Mixture Model for Time Series Forecasting, S Abilasha, Sahely Bhadra, Ahmed Dadarkar, P Deepak, CIKM 2022, [link]

Publications from Masters

  • A genetic algorithm based heuristic search on graphs with weighted multiple attributes, IEEE International Conference on Next Generation Intelligent Systems (ICNGIS) , 1-3 Sept. 2016 [link]
  • A Survey on Multiple Attribute Graph Indexing Methods, International Journal of Computer Science Trends and Technology (IJCST) –Volume 4 Issue 2, Mar -Apr2016
Research Plans
  • Warping Robust Multivariate Anomaly detection
  • Anomaly detection in Astronomical data

Indian Institute of Technology, Palakkad

PhD: Machine Learning, 2018-Present

University of Calicut

M.Tech: Computer Science and Engineering ,2014-2016
B.Tech: Computer Science and Engineering, 2010-2014

Technical Skills

Programming languages

Python, C, C++, Matlab, Java, C#

Tools and Packages

Tensorflow, Pytorch, Scikit-Learn, Numpy, Scipy, NLTK

  • NSF/SIGWEB travel grant CIKM 2022
  • Guest Lecturer, Dept. of Computer Science, Kerala Government Polytechnic College, Kozhikode
  • Asst. Professor, Dept. of CSE, LBS Applied Science College, Parappanangadi